Black Friday

Best practices

How you should prepare for Black Friday

It’s no secret to anybody why it is good to pay
special attention and focus on Black Friday.

This is how we performed on past
Black Friday events

If your eyebrow is still raised in doubt, this is how clicks that we are tracking are flowing in on Black Friday

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Either if you are an Advertiser or an Affiliate, with a little
effort, planning and focus, the gain can be significant. Really significant. :)
This is how you should prepare yourself:

If you are an advertiser:

#1 Get your stocks ready

  • Talk to your suppliers, get discounts for big volumes
  • Negotiate your delivery time and cost with your shipping company - they will be very busy during those days

#2 Then adjust the commercial offer

  • Prepare your offer early: products, discounts, stocks
  • Promote the highly marketable products
  • Set real discounts for products
  • Focus on some “star” product categories!

#3 Manage your website

  • Optimize your site, test it for high traffic volume and a 10-20x number of orders
  • Talk to your hosting company
  • Prepare a special Black Friday Landing page (use several black hues, sale percentages, a countdown)
  • Make sure you have available staff for live customer support, from Thursday to Sunday, 24/7

#4 How to promote your site

  • Start communicating to your public early. On your website, through your newsletter, social media, display banners and other marketing channels
  • Inform your public early and as detailed as possible about the discounted product categories. When you send users to a landing page, they should already be filtered, not all products on one page (e.g. dresses, shoes, boots, sofas, etc.)
  • Black Friday is on a Friday :). You should start your teasing campaign on the Monday right before it:
    • Add a Black Friday Sale branding skin to your website
    • Send out a newsletter
    • Post about on Facebook
    • Set up some Google Display campaigns
  • Organize a small contest and tell your users about it
  • Don’t forget to advertise your star product categories

#5 Manage your affiliate program

  • Communicate with your affiliates
  • Fuel up your account. If you don’t spend the money, you can always withdraw it.
  • Process and pay those commissions fast
  • Keep your affiliates close, communicate with them, always be online
  • Prepare special Black Friday feeds, banners and landing pages.

If you are an affiliate:

  • Pick the advertisers you want to promote on Black Friday, considering a high conversion rate, a high approval rate, fast payments (check the pre-paid programs, we have plenty!), as well as their responsiveness and flexibility
  • First talk directly with those you constantly work with, but pick others too and ask them early about their Black Friday plans - when they have it (day and time), what tools they are offering, if they are focusing on a certain product category.
  • Focus on a few niches that you already have knowledge about, you can make a lot of money.
  • As about stocks, plans and promotions
  • Have another look at the TOS of the advertisers you are working with.
  • Pick the big brands, but also check the rest of the available programs. You can find real gems with low competition and high ROI.
  • Be online starting Thursday afternoon until Friday evening, at least. There will be a lot of opportunities, but also a few traffic or hosting issues you will have to take care of real quick so you can maximise your results.
  • Read a few success stories from the past to motivate and inspire you.
  • Start sending higher and more targeted traffic a week before the event. You will have time to optimize better for the Black Friday weekend.